Sponsorship Opportunity

Please help support our bar association and consider becoming a sponsor.
Each level of sponsorship includes a membership package (as set forth below) and sponsors are listed on our website.

Levels of Sponsorship:

$1,000.00 contribution
(includes five memberships)

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$750.00 contribution
(includes four memberships)

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$500.00 contribution
(includes three memberships)

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$250.00 contribution
(includes two memberships)

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If interested, please contact Lucia Chiocchio at lchiocchio@cuddyfeder.com or 914-761-1300.

Checks can be made payable to “White Plains Bar Association” and sent to Lucia Chiocchio, Esq., Cuddy & Feder LLP, 445 Hamilton Ave., 14th Floor, White Plains, New York 10601

Thank you for your support in these unprecedented times.