• President
    Kathryn M. Sullivan, Esq.
  • Vice President
    Lucia Chiocchio, Esq.
  • Treasurer
    Susan Accetta, Esq.
  • Secretary
    Andrew Frisenda, Esq.
  • Directors
    Jaclyn Goldberg, Esq.
    Virginia Trunkes, Esq.
    Sarah J. Eagen-Sampat, Esq.
    Dorcia Carrillo, Esq.
    Annie Sienty, Esq.
    Jeffrey Peters, Esq.
  • Immediate Past President
    James K. Landau, Esq.
  • Platinum Sponsor
    McCarthy Fingar LLP
  • Silver Sponsor
    Stern Keiser & Panken, LLP

Sponsorship Opportunity

Please help support our bar association and consider becoming a sponsor.
Each level of sponsorship includes a membership package (as set forth below) and sponsors are listed on our website.

Levels of Sponsorship:

$1,000.00 contribution
(includes five memberships)

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$750.00 contribution
(includes four memberships)

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$500.00 contribution
(includes three memberships)

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$250.00 contribution
(includes two memberships)

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If interested, please contact Kathryn Sullivan at ksullivan@kbrlaw.com or 914.449.1026.  Checks can be made payable to “White Plains Bar Association” and sent to Susan Accetta, Esq., 1025 Westchester Ave., Suite 305, White Plains, NY 10604.

Thank you for your support in these unprecedented times.